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My name is Zola.

My aim is to encourage you to overcome the overwhelm and live every day intentionally.

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Zola’s Blog!

  1. Girl, you’re awesome, and I’m so glad I found you as I’ve been looking to connect more with African bloggers 🙂


  2. i can relate with alot of things you mention in the article ..something that stood out for me was where you say that you actually marry the fam and not him as an individual ..and that is so soory cause as the bible says tha a man ought to leave his mother and father and stay with his wife …but in many black families its not like that i lsatay in a area wher alot of black women just accept their situation


  3. I couldn’t agree more with your article about not wanting to marry black.

    A friend and I tried explaining to one of our lecturers (ego is fresh off a plane from Portugal) that we don’t date black guys. It surprised her because she’s completely enchanted by them.
    When you’re raised in a culture of broken people, you don’t want to continue that chain. You naturally become so opposed to what you’ve seen while growing up, that you don’t even know you have preference for men of other ethnicities/cultures until someone brings it up!

    Great blog, btw


  4. Touching but true, it’s beautiful to see a young sister describe in her own words the definition of being black in a society. I will say this though, we as black people should embrace our origins and be proud to be who we are cause we are the being of man kind, everything we know about the beginning of man happened in Africa, so YES we are the beginning. Stay blessed and know that if you black you are the beginning.

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  5. Gosh what an awesome blog! Where have you been? Guess I haven’t been around.

    Love the blog on “The truth ugly behind why I hate light skinned woman”. As a dark or brown skinned woman, I’ve always hated being around ‘yellow bones’ because I knew I never stood a chance against them, it was worse at varsity as I’d be walking with a light skinned class mate and guys would comment on her beauty forgetting that this person isn’t walking alone, but last year, I went through all the selfies I took from my second year at varsity and realised how beautiful and so fresh looking I was but I didn’t see all of this as I was so fixated on trying to alter myself in my third and final year.

    What I’m trying to say is, as a dark or brown skinned woman: love yourself, yellow bones are here to stay and they’ll always be the centre of attention, but us dark skinned women are beautiful and we’re not getting any younger.

    It is also good to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and not those who point out your insecurities.

    I’ve already wasted so many years indulging in self- hate but I’m no longer here for it.

    Great blog, Zola.


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