beycoming successful:: a word to unbeylievers

image Author: Asterio Tecson. Creative Commons.

“You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.”

If you have not already heard, Beyoncé released an album a few days ago and the entire world has been buzzing about it. I will not spoil the fun for you and will let you read about what all the fuss is about.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I have been obsessed very much fond of Beyoncé since she came out with Destiny’s Child. There was just something that Kelly, LaTavia and LaToya and then Michelle did not have. And it was not just that she hogged the attention, she had the ‘X-factor’ that made you stop and notice. You know what I’m talking about – yes, even the haters.

Beyoncé is a maverick.

Whether you love her, hate her, or are indifferent to her, you must realise this : the woman is a legend in the making. And if you read Forbes list of the most powerful women in the world you will see that she ranks 17th out of 100 influential women (in terms of money, media presence and impact). Ranking below her is Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the US House of Representatives, Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEOs of major oil and IT companies.

Beyoncé is a powerhouse.

She also has a fan club that is (sasha) fiercely devoted to her, the behaviour of her fans at her live performances is reminiscent of the kind of rapturous chaos that we saw at Michael Jackson’s shows. It is both fascinating and disturbing.

Beyoncé is a religion.

And although Beyoncé is one of my go-to people when I need inspiration, there are some things that I cannot go to her for, like:

Salvation. Contrary to what you may have been made to believe, Beyoncé can inspire hearts but cannot change them for good or save people from themselves.

Advice on how to keep friends. Remember Latoya and LaTavia? Enough said.

Natural hair maintenance tips. I’m picking my afro and she’s patting her weave.

But there some powerful lessons every woman can learn from Beyoncé, whether you are a beyliever or an unbeyliever. Beyoncé is no goddess, she is not a saint, but she has proved that she is no ordinary human either.

Beyoncé is phenomenal.

And here is what we can learn from her:

Talent may get you a room in the house but only hard work will earn you the title deed. I remember hearing a friend lament at how gifted and beautiful Beyoncé is and how her genes give her an unfair advantage in the business.

Sure, the woman is naturally gifted in her singing and in her looks, those are things she could not choose. But the truth is, there are thousands of exceptionally gifted and beautiful women who have not made it to the top. If you’re looking for them you’ll find them in Beyoncé’s crew of back up dancers and background vocalists. Beyoncé was not born writing Grammy award winning songs or performing jaw-dropping routines. From a very young age Beyoncé was performing and singing – at home, in talent shows at her mom’s hair salon. The Beyoncé we see today is not just post-Destiny’s Child, she’s the fruit of decades of vocal training, coaching, practice and grooming, of perfecting her art.

What I am not saying is that all you need is hard work to make it, there are many hardworking people out there who never got past the first audition. What I am saying is that giftedness is not enough.

Four things are striking to me when I look at Beyoncé’s career path, four things I have learned about how to be successful:

I. Success belongs to those who dare. Great risks give birth to great benefits. History belongs to those not content to just learn it but want to make it. Don’t wait for your dream to fall into your lap, go out and pursue it.

II. There is no virtue in shrinking yourself to make others feel secure around you. There is a false belief out there that those who hide their lamp under the bed are good, humble people. False humility makes you shrink back when you should be stepping up. True humility makes you bold because your ego and identity isn’t attached to your gifts.

I’m only sharing my two with you to make room for your lessons about success, please leave a comment below!

Beyoncé’s self titled album sold more than 600 000 in the US in three days. That is more than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry sold in one week. COMBINED.

Beyoncé has the same number of hours in a day as you do, what are you doing with yours?

Honey Love, Shula xoxo

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2 thoughts on “beycoming successful:: a word to unbeylievers

  1. This is making me really uncomfortable! In a good way of course. This is definitely the time for me to stop shrinking and being unapologetic about who God has made me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for challenging me so much. I don’t have an excuse.


    1. Lindi, you can do this! I saw this Mandela quote that I think you’ll find encouraging:
      “There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
      I’m excited for you and for everyone around you who will be so blessed when the real you is released.
      Thanks for checking out the post and sharing.

      Shula x


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