Why trusting God is worth it even if it hurts.


This conversation is for people who have questions regarding:

• the existence of God/a higher power;
• whether relationship with God is possible;
• how to trust God for the first time/ again.
Please read the post and respond to the questions at the end under “Your turn”. I have some initial thoughts to start the conversation, but need your comments to keep it going!

While clearing out my cupboards yesterday I found a note that a friend wrote to me a few years back. I wanted to share a part of it with you because I thought her words were powerful.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to have faith, to trust, to believe. And so I’m taking a step, a scary one, to really truly let Him search, dig deep into my soul and mould me into the person I’m meant to be for not only myself, but for him and the world as well.”

Christian faith is about trust.

We’ve all heard explanations about what it means to be a Christian. By far the best explanation I have ever heard was from my friend Fifi: to be a Christian means to trust Jesus Christ. To believe is to trust, we follow Jesus because we trust Him and His truth.

The truth is that we were all made to be in relationship with God but we fall short of the perfection that is God and this separates us from Him. God loves us in our imperfection and He reached out in love to us, through Christ. Christ lived a completely good and pure life by the power of the Holy Spirit and, ultimately he died so that we could be reconciled to God. His death has supernaturally and simultaneously sets us free to love God and to be loved by Him.

Anyone who trusts in Christ has been made new.

Trust is a journey. And one that we have to decide to take. God reaches out to us and He waits for us to step into His arms. It is His kindness that leads us to trust Him, not His threats.

God says:

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you…”

Jeremiah 1 verse 5

We were all created to fulfill a God- given purpose, finding this purpose begins with trusting God and letting him “search, dig deep into my soul and mould me into the person I’m meant to be for not only myself, but for him and the world as well.

Letting God in is a scary thing but so worth it. He is the kindest person I know.

Your turn:
How would you respond to someone who says that they’ve been disappointed by God and can’t trust again?

Why is it so hard to trust God and let him in?

Any thoughts? Share them in the comments section.

Honey love,
Shula xoxo


4 thoughts on “Why trusting God is worth it even if it hurts.

  1. I’m personally still learning to trust. the last 4 months of my life have just been one blow after another of bad news and or disappointment…BUT I’ve come to realise something; the reason i’m disappointed in God is because I’m disappointed in myself and I didn’t trust fully. I say/think I trust God, but I hear myself doubting (in my mind) whenever someone else says He’s in control.

    the sermon at church today also kinda ties in with this. it was based on Luke 4 verses 1 to 12 and the pastor pretty much told us that the way to be in Christ and have Christ in you is to KNOW the word (of God) and SPEAK the word whenever you have tempting or trying thoughts. (Jesus always answered the devil with “it is written” or “it is said”)

    another thing I’ve noticed (especially about myself) is that we tend to forget that God is in control when things are good. we forget that it’s not us, and we only look for God when things are bad. it’s harder to trust Him when trials come because we expect life in Him to be smooth sailing, we forget about about the devil and the evil plans he has for us…

    i guess what i’m tryna say is that it isn’t easy to “let go and let God”,and there are lots of factors that would and could make us give up…but if we hang in there, it will all be worth it. patience is key though, i’m learning that first hand


    1. Hi LeboA

      You’ve shared vulnerably and powerfully – thank you! You’ve also made a good point about spiritual opposition and the need to be aware of that. Reminds me of that Scripture in Ephesians that talks about how our battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual powers etc. That’s a reality and no amount of motivational talks can deliver us from that, like you say, we need to know the word + speak it.

      I’m praying for you as you walk this walk, you’re doing well!

      Shula xo


      1. We doubt God time and time again. We don’t make Him the of Lord our lives and Lord over our problems. We have not yet come to a point where we fully depend on him because He does things differently to us


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