Why Do Bad Men Happen to Good Women?

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Sometimes good men end up with bad women, but more often than not the opposite is true. Have you noticed? You have heard the stories of the women who break their backs to care for the family while their husbands do nothing.

Why is it that some of the most capable women choose useless men to be with? It boggles the mind when you see a woman pass over great guys for a man that is clearly bad news.

“Nice guys finish last.”

We have all heard it, is it true? Do some women gravitate towards bad boys?

Today’s blog is different because the thoughts are coming from you. We need your engagement. Why do bad men happen to good women?

Honey love
Shuls xoxo


3 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Men Happen to Good Women?

  1. Love the question… just a couple of thoughts…
    “Bad” people don’t just happen. Life happens to ordinary people and they pick a path. More often than not, they become their own first priority. Some people call that “bad”, some call it broken.
    With women, again, life happens. The daughter who didn’t have her dad or any brothers and therefore doesn’t know HOW to relate with men in general. The girl who saw mom get beaten up by dad and her definition of “normal” is redefined. The one who was abused by uncle, or brother, or father. The sheltered girl who was hidden from LIFE and when outside happens, outside is amazing- forbidden is addictive, don’ts become dos.

    Then hurt people hurt people.
    You are attracted to him either because the forbidden is a mystery you want to uncover or because you feel (whether you’re aware or not) that this is what you deserve. What “good” guy wants a tainted girl? What kind of guy who has “kept” himself for his love wants a girl who has slept around or has a baby? What respectable man wants a woman who has no respect for herself..?

    Good women need to hear and feel and believe that they are in fact good women. Or we’ll end up sitting on the range of our vast capacity under the burden of a rotten relationship telling ourselves we deserve the punishment.
    Your past might have affected you- but it doesn’t define you…


  2. Okay, my two cents. People don’t just wake up and decide to be called “bad”. It’s a label that’s attached to them by mostly society. So I find that over time, people stop living their lives in fear of stepping out of that “good” person image. So they do all the good things nje according to the rule book. And then comes this bad boy/girl and they seem to have no regard for rules whatsoever. It seems all exciting! Like look at them being such a bad ass! And so we *ahem* the good people see that and we long for that kind of bad assery. We long for the freedom. For a moment to break out of our restrictive “good” boxes and live a lil. So those bad boys/girls will always be attractive cos they present something we [think] we can’t be. And we “fall” in love with them and go out of our way to keep them. Oh they’re too cool to change for us. WE change for them. Well, thing with fire is.. it burns. People who won’t change for you while they watch you fawn over and change for them, are a fire. First it exciting and then it burns us. And then with our burns we retreat to our shells and go back to the same boring, good people we know.
    That’s how I see it. We want that freedom, that total disregard for rules and hence freedom to live as we please. But then we can’t, cos we are good people. So we fall for that thing when we see it. Even though it burns, it doesn’t stop us from wanting it. Weird huh. You’d think we’d be smarter. I am. I just mean you’d think the other good people would be smarter. But hey, it happens anyway, c’est la vie.


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