Shula’s Roundup:: 100 inspiring women, the truth about love, and how your body language shapes who you are

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a happy belated one to all of you! In response to some questions that I have received about what it is that I read, I am launching my first weekly roundup of my favourite things that I have seen online in the last five days.

Most of my reading is done online but I have recently revived my love for reading books again. I recently finished Twelve Years A Slave which was so deep. It got me thinking about so many things that I will definitely be exploring more in future blog posts.

This list has articles, news items, music and talks, all of which I think will somehow change your life! You have one for each day so you have something to make each weekday more enjoyable. Here are 5 of the things that inspired me this week:

1. 100 inspiring women from around the world, Google Doodle.

Google honoured 100 women for their contribution to humanity and just reading their names and short descriptions made me teary. They are women who have made an impact in different areas and in various parts of the world – so inspiring!
100 Inspiring Women, click the link.

2. 15 Truths I Wish I’d Known About Love 15 Years Ago, Therese Schwenkler.

There are thousands of relationship articles floating around the web, most of which are nonsense, but this one is a definite gem! It is not cheesy and the writer said some things that I really needed to hear.
Read 15 things.

3. Your body language shapes who you are, Amy Cuddy.

If you struggle to get into reading but want to know stuff then there is no hope for you. Just kidding, TED talks will be your salvation. In this short talk Amy Cuddy talks about the way that our body language shapes not only what other people think of us but also what we think of ourselves. I was inspired by her own story of moving from shrinking away, to being bold and confident. Go and be inspired too!
Watch the video and read the transcript.

4. Menstrual Man, by Vibeke Venema (BBC).

The title of this article is “The Indian sanitary pad revolution” but the story is actually about a man who went on a quest for a solution to the problem of poor Indian women from his area who could not afford the high cost of sanitary pads. The story is bizarre, funny and gross at times but ultimately an empowering story of one man who cared enough to do something!
Have a look at Menstrual Man here.

5. Your Presence is Heaven, by Israel Houghton.

This is my song of the week. I have been listening to it, singing it and playing it on my guitar every chance that I get!
“Who is like you Lord in all the earth?
Matchless love and beauty, endless worth.”
Watch Your Presence is Heaven here.

That is my weekly roundup, what do you think?

Your turn:
Do you have any interesting online stuff that you want to share? Comment here or hit me up on and your suggestion could be part of the next roundup!

Honey love
Shula xoxo


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