Why You Should Be More Like Meagan Good & Less Like Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa was a Christian woman who lived out her convictions in real life. If you want to see what love and self-sacrifice look like, she embodied it. She lived a life of purpose and her life will echo into eternity. When I’m looking for inspiration about what it means to glorify God in my career, I go to Mother Theresa.

But sometimes I go to Meagan Good.

Because Meagan Good is a Christian woman who has lived out her convictions in a real romantic relationship. Because when I look at her and her husband I see a reflection of how God intended marriage to be. Because in her I can see how it is possible to glorify God even when you’re still a work in progress.

If there is one thing that I think most believing women struggle with, it is the question of where our sexuality fits in with our faith. It’s something that I’ve seen in unmarried women especially. In our conversations we talk a lot about women who are exemplary in business, politics and everything else under the sun, except relationships and sexuality.

Today, that changes. Let’s talk about Mother Theresa and Meagan Good. Look at them less as polar opposites and more like two different people who can teach us different things about womanhood.

Why you should be less like Mother Theresa…

You’re not running a children’s home. I know you’re a great cook, you love doing the laundry and he’s kind of in-between jobs right now, but it’s not your job to mother boys in grown men’s bodies. Many women mother men in the hope that the guy will realise just how indispensable she is and respond by way of a long term commitment. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. The commitment must come first and then the benefits.

You’re not a missionary. According to statistics (that is, looking at the congregation every Sunday), there are more women in churches today than they are men. So sisters are doing it for themselves and taking matters into their own hands – missionary dating. This is just the “I can change him” belief with a churchy veneer. Don’t make the man that you like a project. If you guys don’t agree on something as fundamental as Jesus Christ at the dating stage, say a little prayer and move on.

You’re not a nun. So stop acting like one. One day you want to find man that you’ll spend the rest of your life with. You’ll have the wedding of your dreams, build a house together and sit on your porch in your rocking chairs holding hands and smiling at each other from day 1 until year 60. Okay, scratch that. It’s okay to admit that what you’re actually looking forward to is that part of Genesis that says, And Adam “knew” Eve his wife. Be pure but don’t be prudish. Be innocent but don’t be naïve. As a single woman you need to have an appropriate understanding of sexuality rather than being completely ignorant of it.

Why you should be more like Meagan Good…

You must glorify God with your sexuality. One of the things I love about Good and her husband’s relationship is their decision to remain celibate until they got married. I love it more because they did it to honour God; not just to look cool. When you’re single, glorifying God means resisting sexual temptation. And when you’re married it means having awesome, God glorifying sex with your husband.

You’re not perfect. Good doesn’t fit the typical good-girl-next-door stereotype. Her wardrobe choices are very revealing and the characters she chooses to depict are… interesting. Don’t confuse being a Christian with being perfect. You can be a Christian and make bad choices, just like everyone else. The difference between Christians and everyone else is that we’re being changed by the Gospel. You are not perfect; you are work in progress who is being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

You want to be "known". Need I say more?

Ithink that most women feel conflicted about their sexuality. We want to be sexy but we’re not sure if that’s okay. You were created to be confident and comfortable with your sexuality, not ashamed of it. Understanding what this means is a journey and it begins with submitting your sexuality to God.

Your turn:

Do you agree?

Honey love

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Be More Like Meagan Good & Less Like Mother Theresa

  1. Wow .This is an interesting read.To be honest I have struggled with this so many years.It is like you have to create two people,two personalities,two sides of the same person.Even the wardrobe changes depending on where you find yourself.it is so hard putting who you are in Christ together with who you want to be in the world(outside of church). You ask yourself,” Am I allowed to go out with friends tonight?”,even though you are not consuming alcohol…you feel that hint of guilt nagging at you,saying,you are born again.Just call your friends and say no.In the end you become this boring stay at home person without friends.

    It’s exactly the same in a relationship.You don’t know to what extent you can combine the church person with the outside person.Am I allowed to date? Yes.Ok am I allowed to go out on a date? Yes Where can we go that is Christian Friendly without it being for 5 year olds?Nowhere…and let’s not get to the wardrobe.Am I allowed to dress sexy for my boyfriend?No- you are encouraging lust!

    It’s a hard life,but we as Christians must persevere


    1. Hi Sade :) Great thoughts you’ve shared there! What you speak of is a conflict that I think every Christian has faced. But part of what causes the conflivt is that we focus too much on working on the outward appearance of what it means to be a Christian. I’ve found that what’s more effective is submitting everything- social life, relationships, work things – to God first. And that means saying, ‘God, I’m not sure what the ‘Christian’ way of doing things is in this situation but I’m submitted to your Word on it. You are always right, even when I don’t agree.

      That makes me feel FREE. Free to work out my faith in fear and trembling, free to be myself and possibly make mistakes and free to trust that God will set me on the right path when I lose my way <3


  2. just subscribed to your blog after a colleague referred me to this blog. WOW, you’re on to something amazing. I absolutely love your mind doll. Wish uber success with this blog, very enriching in middle of a hectic life juggling, motherhood, Employee of the year, p31 Wifey stuff lmao. But yes, I like this blog… Welldone.


  3. I guess hey, not very sure about the last two paragraphs. Can I just say we need more mother Teresa’s going out and showing the very person of Christ and not just proclaiming it, yes it was at the expense of accomodating herself, but for me she carried the very heart of God. So maybe we can be Good meeting mother Theresa half way, lol.
    Yes our character is being shaped so we can make better choices, so proudly flaunting my body because I want to be known when the Holy spirit wants to use my body so Jesus should be known is kind of deliberately making a bad choice. I understand we somehow have to fit in, in this world but sometimes fitting in can downplay Christianity, the change in our hearts should not only stay there but should be evident on the outside too. Purity inside must equal to purity outside, I’m not saying lets be boring but some things are just for our spouses to see and know.


    1. Hi Precious,

      Thanks for your reply! I’ll be honest with you, Mother Theresa’s life doesn’t speak to me about how to handle my sexuality. In the general sense (maybe) I can surmise that what her life teaches me is that everything I am just be devoted to God. But, on a real, I don’t get anything practical from there.

      With Good on the other hand, there’s a lot to learn, for better or worse. Should a woman be flaunting her body like she does? – to me, that’s a no brainer, the answer is no. I think it’s important to look at her critically and separate the meat from the bones and judge for ourselves… As for “fitting in”, I don’t think there’s even a place for that in Christianity, we’re called to be counter cultural. But that’s not the same as being a nun.


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