15 Super Cheap Ways To Make Fathers’ Day Super Special For Your Dad

How do you make Fathers’ Day super special when you’re super broke?

In this post, you’ll find out that you don’t have to have lots of money to create a memorable experience. All you need is a little bit of creativity. Here are 15 things that you can do, choose 1:

Make him breakfast in bed.

If you live with your dad then a surprise breakfast in bed is the thing to do. It’s so easy you don’t even have to leave the house. Keep it simple or make it elaborate. If you’re keen to make it creative, prepare a menu that he can order from, include his favourite breakfast food add a short thank you note.

Write him a letter.

This is your chance to get sentimental. Put pen to paper and say thank to your dad. If you struggle with words then keep it short and sweet.

Get him a CD.

You won’t have to sell a vital organ to make this one happen. It’s time to make the bargain basket at your local CD store your friend. This is where you’ll find the classic albums for super low prices. Unless your dad’s a One Direction, there’s a really good chance you’ll find something he’ll enjoy for a small amount.

Buy him a pint.

Look for a pub or a restaurant close to you that has a Fathers’ Day special on their beers. Remember that locally made beers are usually cheaper than imported ones. If you’re on a very tight budget then this one’s great because you can limit it to just one. And if you decide to spend a little more, make sure you have a designated driver!

Teach him to how to use his latest gadget.

So your dad recently upgraded from his dusty desktop laptop to a sleek tablet. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite figured out how to open his emails. Instead of trying to convince him to hand it off to you, why not take some time out to teach him how to use the basic features? He’ll love you forever.

Allow him to have the remote control for the day.

A moment of silence for all the dads who have to endure Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV marathons.

Thank you.

Show some love and let dad decide what you want to watch for the whole day. Okay, fine, half a day.

Treat him to a pedicure.

You know he needs one. All you need is a shallow dish; warm water; a cloth; nail clippers; a nail file; some body lotion; and a whole lot of courage. You can do this.

Keep him company on his morning or evening walk.

Does your dad take an early morning walk to buy his newspaper or for exercise? On Fathers’ Day, ask if you can join him, he probably won’t say no. You may have to wake up earlier than usual and brave some freezing weather but it’s a great way to spend some one-on-one quality time.

Take him to church.

Fathers’ Day always falls on a Sunday so this is the perfect opportunity to take your dad to church. Why church? Firstly, because they’re probably giving away some awesome daddy-friendly freebies. Remember, we’re trying to do Fathers’ Day on the cheap. Secondly, your dad will be encouraged by a sermon that’s directed at dads.

Phone him between midnight and 5AM.

This is your chance to use your free minutes for a good cause! Tell your best friend that you’ll catch up next week. If your dad’s an early riser then an early morning call is perfect. If he’s a night owl then go for a time just after midnight. And if he sleeps early and gets up late then rather Skype call him at convenient time.

Hire his favourite movie for the night.

Again, if your dad is old school this will be a great money saving option. Older movies are always cheaper than the latest movies. If you have a few bucks to spare, add some popcorn and biltong (beef jerky) to the mix.

Give him a framed photo of you and him.

Choose a cute photo of you and him, get it printed and buy an inexpensive frame to put it in. He can keep it on the cabinet at home or at his desk at work.

Go shopping.

The key to getting this right is that you offer your expert advice, he pays. You advise; he pays. If your dad’s wardrobe is looking vintage (not in a good way) then this is your chance to get him some new duds.

Get your mom to chip in.

On Fathers’ Day, your mom’s your closest ally. Rather than borrowing your dad’s wallet for the day, ask your mom to sponsor a meal or part of your gift. What’s in it for her? You can negotiate for you to do some household chores or run some errands – make it worth her time and money!

Get his tear ducts going with a slideshow.

All you need is a whole lot of photos, a song and PowerPoint. Create a simple slideshow with photos of you, your siblings and your dad. Choose a song that takes you to Nostalgiatown and get PowerPoint to do the rest of the work. It’s something visual that he won’t forget.

These are some simple and cheap (sometimes free) things you can do for your dad on Fathers’ Day and on any day of the year. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dad who is still alive and was there for you when you needed him then don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate him and show your appreciation!

For those of us whose experience is different, choose honour regardless of who your dad is. Your decision to honour him flows out of who you are; not who he is or was.

Have a great Fathers’ Day everyone!

Honey love


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