Rhythm and Blues

This year, I’ve had the privilege of playing in a band at church. The best part about playing in a band is when you’re jamming and everything comes together to form one sound. You just don’t get that when you’re playing solo.

The not-so-awesome part about playing in a band is that sometimes someone falls out of sync and then the song falls apart. In a band everyone has a role to play but the drummer provides the rhythm and the foundation of the song. He’s* the anchor and we all look to him to get us back on track.

As a singer and a guitarist I may be directing the song, but it’s the drummer who carries it. He’s the timekeeper so his role is crucial. Why? Because in music, timing is everything.

Timing is everything. It’s true in life too. My experience is that when I feel sad about my life, it’s because I’m out of sync with God’s timing. He says ‘soon…’ and to me that means ‘NOW!’. I want money in the bank now. I want my dream job now. I want my white picket fence now.

“The closer you get to God, the more you realise He’s in no hurry.” Bob Sorge

When it looks like your dream has been delayed, it’s probably because your timing is off; it happens. The right thing to do is not to stop playing; it’s not to go rogue and figure things out on your own. Instead, get closer to God. Look to the Anchor, the Timekeeper, the Foundation.

And in that place you’ll find yourself getting caught in the rhythms of His grace.

Honey love,
Shula xoxo

*In our band the drummer happens to be a man.


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