God Cares About Your Chocolate Craving

Contributor, Cindy Fumbata

"What is the price of two sparrows- one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your father knowing it" -Matthew 10: 29 (NLT)

Something really cool happened to me the other day.

I was on my way to a French lecture and I was suddenly hit by a chocolate craving (I might have a problem but don’t judge me, God’s not finished with me yet). On my way out I said to God ‘Hey, God. Please bring someone with chocolate into my life. Or let someone think of chocolate and me in the same thought and have a sudden desire to buy me chocolate.’ I got to my lecture, sat down next to a friend and started chatting. In the middle of our conversation she stops, turns to look me in the eye and asks (I kid you not) ‘Cindy, would you like some chocolate?’.

Just like that. Out of the blue.

I was happy and touched. Happy because I finally got my chocolate fix; touched because although I know that God cares about every aspect of our lives, it’s hard to fathom that the All-Powerful Creator of the universe who holds time and space in His hands would care about my chocolate craving. He not only cared, but He provided.

Still hard to get your head around? Think of it this way: Say your friend has an interest in a hobby that you’re not particularly interested in; or a hobby you just don’t like. Because they’re your friend, you still show some interest in it for their sake. Even if you have no interest in the hobby at all, it matters to you because it matters to someone you love. I think the same applies to God.

Isn’t that amazing? If the All-Powerful Creator of the universe can concern Himself about something as trivial as a chocolate craving, how much more our dreams, aspirations and anxieties?

To be more specific, how much more does he concern Himself with that term essay you have no idea where to start with? Or other things,

Like whether you’re getting enough sleep.

Psalm 127: 2: “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat– for he grants sleep to those he loves. ”

Or whether you have enough money to pay your rent at the end of the month.

Matthew 6: 8: “Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

And even whether or not you’re choosing the right career.

Psalm 37: 23: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD and he delighteth in his way."

He cares. More than we think He should. More than what makes sense to us. He knows and cares about every intricate aspect of your life. The Bible says in Proverbs 16: 3, ”Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.” Let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s teach ourselves to commit things as small as chocolate cravings to Him so that we’re able to commit things as big as making life-changing decisions to Him as well.


Dear, Abba

I know you said in your word that you know the plans that you have for me. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Please show me practical expressions of you care in my everyday life. Let my life be such an amazing testimony that people realise such awesomeness can only be a result of an amazing God.



6 thoughts on “God Cares About Your Chocolate Craving

  1. I just read this and I just need to add my “God cares so much” story. Well, there are too many but this is the most recent. I had to do my grocery shopping and my roommate had gone home for the weekend. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy too much coz I’d end up struggling with the plastic bags. Well, I’m a girl so you can just guess it- I ended up with 4 bags to carry by myself. But here’s the thing. When I got out of the shopping centre, a security guy helped me to the taxi. From off the taxi, I struggled for 2 minutes when this guy on a bike was going his own way but turned around to help me carry. And his bike did all the work. From the door of my res, to my door, another girl helped me carry my plastics. How awesome is that?! And my prayer after getting off the taxi was just a thank you Lord I’m back safely, unharmed. My God is too awesome! LOL sorry for the loooong story! XOXO. #Love your blog!!


  2. Aaaaw! Brandy! That’s lovely! To Anonymous: if He can care about a chocolate craving He definitely cares about what you’re going through and He loves you very much. Don’t lose faith, He’s got you xx. To Mme: That’s amazing! I love how He provides even before we ask Him for what we need!


  3. Interesting. Something happened to me just yesterday. I was carrying very heavy bags and wondering why the man who gave me a lift did not drop me off at the door of my connecting taxi, when just in front of me I saw a working, whole, wheels -in-good-order Shoprite trolley. Needless to say I was hesitant to take advantage of it, it looked so…I don’t know how to explain it. But I just knew it was God and you said it so poignantly, thank you.


  4. Awww that was so sweet. God is so cute sometimes. That happened to me with a picture I really wanted, I was at Target, I think and I only had a few bucks. I saw this painting that I wanted so bad. Girl, later that day I went to Goodwill and there that painting was, waiting for me and I had just enough money for it! He does care about the things we care about. He’s our daddy and daddy loves his children.


    1. Hey Brandy!
      That’s so cool! I love that story :) The kind of stuff people call coincidences when it’s clearly not just a coincidence. He even cares about our shopping trips – I love it! xx


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