How To Respond To a Guy Asking You Out on a First Date (Without Making it Awkward)

Between here and your dream date is a really awkward space that you don’t know how to navigate.

Have no fear, the Mukoko podcast is here! My rule of thumb for dating (or courtship, if you want to call it that) is this: intentionality. Sure, dating is fun but I don’t just date for fun. Sure, dating improves improves your people skills but that’s not my motivation.

I’d only date a guy if he was someone I was interested in getting to know in view of my desire to be married one day. Does that mean you should only date to marry? No, it just means that I don’t date for recreational purposes or just because I’m looking to hook up with a guy. I give my one on one time to men who as intentional as I am.

In this podcast I’ll give you some practical strategies for how to respond to someone asking you out on a date. Here’s the strategy, briefly (you have to listen to the podcast to get the context!):

1. Get clarity: establish that the guy is actually asking you out on a date (not a bring and share)

2. Decide if he fits the profile.

3. Be clear: let your yes be yes and your no be no.

You can’t miss this one! Check out the podcast by clicking the link! | Mukoko Podcast [Episode 3]

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2 thoughts on “How To Respond To a Guy Asking You Out on a First Date (Without Making it Awkward)

  1. Zols, on the 2nd point “Decide if he fits the profile of the kind of guy you’d be interested in”. That’s a bit tricky, let’s say its a given that this man in the orbit is into Jesus, descipled, believes and lives out Lordship, serves… The whole shee-bang! But but but he’s far from the ideal picture u have in yo head. I’m not saying this pic is perfect, hollywood smile, sings/serenades like john legend, black gal’s version of bradd pitt blah blah blah. Do u jus give him a go coz ke brother?


    1. Hi Kudah! I take your point. If you listen to the podcast you’ll get the context for how you’re supposed to decide on that issue. Click the link!


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