About Zola Ndlovu


I’m Zola Ndlovu, the most encouraging person on the Internet.

I write about culture, faith, sexuality and how to live with purpose. I write for Africa.

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What’s with the name of the blog?

Mukoko is a Shona noun meaning beehive, it’s also called pfari or mukubvu.

“The bee is domesticated but not tamed.” William Longgood

Bees are insects that live in large, cooperative communities. Beehives are places of activity, of work, of production. For honeybees, this is an enclosed structure built for protection. A place housing and feeding, a space where they raise their young. Food is collected and stored, there is constant movement and busy-ness, real life happens there.

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Connect with Zola for free! Click here: http://eepurl.com/baG1Pn


9 thoughts on “About Zola Ndlovu

  1. I enjoy your comments as a non South African white person who adores your country I find your points of view interesting.Hope you & your family have a happy & safe Christmas.Keep up the good work.Thank you


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